I’m Back – Motivated to Start Writing Again!

I don’t have a lot of folks that read my blog and that was never my reason for starting Golf Expectations. I just have a passion for the sport and enjoy writing so I thought it would be fun.

For those that do follow my blog, I’m sure you noticed I’ve been absent for awhile. No earth shattering reason but I guess I’ve just focused on other things in my life and also feeling that I didn’t want to really write about anything in golf. Not writing about golf seems crazy to me but last year (2022) the whole golf world was focused on the PGA Tour/LIV golf battle and I really got sick of it. The constant focus on the topic on Golf Channel even made me stop watching. But I did find a new way to get my fix watching golf and I’ll share it in my next post.

Another thing taking my focus in 2022 was rebuilding my swing and we all know how time consuming that can be for a golfer. I have always struggled with coming over the top in my swing and I found a new pro to help me work on finally fixing my swing flaw. It was very frustrating at times last year as I tried to take the new swing to the course. Seeing higher scores and my handicap going up was not fun but then I’d see a professional golfer struggle with a swing change and think why would the process be different for an amateur. Actually, a swing change for an amateur is probably even harder because we don’t start with the amazing skills of a professional golfer. They say patience is the most important skill in golf and so I hope all my patience building my new swing will show results in 2023.

Not sure what I will write about this year but I will probably post about my new goal this year which is to get more comfortable playing in golf competitions. I have never enjoyed competitive golf because I have always enjoyed the process of getting better versus beating another golfer. Since moving to South Carolina I am amazed how much the women’s golf scene involves competitions. The appeal of playing in the competitions are the courses. The competitions are often at private courses that I would otherwise not have the opportunity to play so that is a big motivation.

It will be interesting to see what motivates me to write this year. I’m not putting pressure on myself to write every week. I just want to get back to doing something that I enjoy – writing about golf.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back – Motivated to Start Writing Again!

  1. Hi Catherine, welcome back! I just returned from a week of golf in Myrtle and to scout out potential retirement properties. Where did you end up in SC?



    • Hi Brian, I live in Greenville (or the Upstate part of SC). I love it. It’s not a golf “mecca” like Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Pinehurst, etc. But, the city is great so lots to do outside of golf and lots of great courses near by. Plus it’s an easy drive all the big golf areas in SC/NC.

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