On the course look — golf cap and sunglasses

I love golf! I have liked golf since the age of twelve when I would sit and watch golf on TV when no one else in my family played or talked about it.  I did not start playing golf until I was in my late twenties and although I’m just an average player, I am now passionate about golf.

I chose the title for this blog as a play on Charles Dickens book title “Great Expectations” (put maybe you already guessed that was the case). The book has multiple themes about expectations related to wealth, education, social status, expectations of others; and expectations of oneself.

Me without my cap and sunglasses

If you love a sport, you have expectations of your favorite players or teams. If you play a sport you have expectations of your own ability. So this blog gives me an opportunity to have a voice about anything golf related.

Read my posts and see how this blog evolves.  My current expectation in writing is to enjoy doing it.  I think there are many expectations tied to things we are passionate about in life but part of the real joy is not letting future expectations keep us from living in the moment.

One last thing, my other passion is marketing and so don’t be surprised to see posts combining the topics of marketing and golf.  I’ve decided to explore how I can move into a career that let’s me take my expertise in marketing to the golf industry.  My desire would be to have an impact that helps grow the game of golf.


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