Charity: Local Golf Course has “Turkey Day”

It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States and it is truly a time when American’s reflect on all that is good in life.  It is a time when helping others is in the forefront as charities like The Salvation Army, US Marine Toys For Tots, and many others are working to make the holidays joyful for those less fortunate.  And golf courses around the country also do their part to help.  I want to share just one example to highlight giving activities at local golf courses.

I received an email from a Massachusetts golf course, Juniper Hills sharing the results of their “Turkey Day” event.

Juniper Hill Turkey Day EventNot only did Juniper Hills give away the green fee for a frozen turkey but also donated proceeds from the purchase of food at the golf course to local food banks.  Here is the email copy:

Uniper Hill Email for Turkey DayBut Turkey Day is not the only activity at Juniper Hill that raises money.  They also support the national event, Patriot Golf Day, held Labor Day weekend.  Golfers add a dollar to their green fee and the donations are given to the Folds of Honor Foundation supporting veterans and their families.

Junioper Hill Thanks Golfers for Giving

For all the cynics who may think that $4,100 is not a lot of money and won’t make a difference in the big scheme of things.  You are so wrong.  If you think about all the independent golf courses supporting charities then you quickly realize how it all adds up.  As an example, the overview on the Patriots Golf Day website states “In the last five years, golfers nationwide have been instrumental in raising more than $12.8 million through Patriot Golf Day events.”

Finally, many charity organizations recognize the generosity of golfers and host golfing events at local courses.  All the major golf tours (e.g. The PGA, The LPGA) raise millions of dollars for charities and many professional golfers have foundations.  A Golf 20/20 press release (Golf 20/20 is “the collaboration of leading organizations representing all segments of the United States golf industry”) announced that “golf’s charitable impact” was “$3.9 billion in 2011” with “12,000 golf facilities (75 percent of U.S. total)” and “12 million participants.”

For me, the saying “Charity begins at home” rings true for local golf courses.  So congratulations to Juniper Hills Golf Course, as well as all local golf courses and golfers making a different this holiday season (and throughout the whole year).

Happy Thanksgiving!


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