Snow in New England and Wind in the Desert

It’s snowing! Yes, it is January. Yes, it is New England. So what is the big deal?  Well, this is the first time it really feels like winter this year.  I’m not complaining because I have enjoyed the mild winter but it is nice to have a quiet winter day.

I think my most important golf memory of 2011 will be playing golf in December.  Normally by late fall I am cleaning my clubs and telling myself that I should think about a winter golf vacation somewhere warm. But this year, on December 6, I was playing golf while a warm breeze blew leaves across the fairway.  For someone who is always cold, it was unbelievable to not only be playing golf in December, but also to be wearing only a golf sweater and long pants. It is wonderful, that in the middle of a snow storm, I have this memory to make me smile.

Today’s storm is the kind I love because the snow is falling softly.  It is the light fluffy snow that does not cause any damage to trees.  There is a peaceful quiet in the neighborhood except for the occasional sound of the snow plows going down the street. On this wintry day I feel I have the perfect excuse to hunker down on the couch,with a hot cup of tea, and watch golf on TV.

The Humana Challenge is on the Golf Channel and to my surprise there is a weather delay. The picture on the screen shows a beautiful sunny day. What is going on?  Then the announcer explains that a high wind has come into the desert and due to the danger of blowing debris play has been suspended.  As he speaks, the screen flashes an image of a score board in the water with letters and numbers floating all around.

The saying goes “Life is what happens when you are making other plans” but I think it should be weather is what happens to make you change your plans.


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