Hole-in-One Dreamer

So I have not actually written a bucket list but if I did I would list a hole-in-one on it. Some might say a hole-in-one on my bucket list is too lofty a goal especially if you play the game of golf and are a pessimist (which I am not).  In fact, my advice to anyone that is a pessimist and plays golf — change sports because you are surely the person on the course that is throwing a club, swearing, or in general having a bad time.

Is a hole-in-one too lofty a goal?  Am I just a dreamer? Well I thought I would look up a few statistics to see what my chances might be to make my dream come true. Golf Digest printed that the odds are 12,000 to 1 that an average golfer will make a hole-in-one based on 3,000 rounds. If you are a low-handicap golfer (which I am not) the odds are better at 5,000 to 1 based on 1,250 rounds of golf.

Well the one thing I have learned in business is that if you don’t like the numbers provided look for some you do!  Actually that is not how I manage my business but this is for fun.  At HoleinOne.com they have some interesting statistics.  The average age is 45 (I’m in the range), there are more aces on Friday than Sunday (I’d be happy to play more on Fridays), and the club most used in making an ace is a 7-iron (I love my 7-iron).  So things are looking up!

Any statistics specific to women out in cyberspace? You bet ya!  The National Hole-In-One Registry says that 16% of holes in one are made by women. Well, this is an O.K. statistic but a better one would be what percent of women golfers make holes-in-one.

The other facts for women include:

  • Average age is 55
  • Average years of playing golf 15
  • Average length of hole is 111 yards.

Now these are numbers this hole-in-one dreamer can embrace.  I have lots of time to make my dream come true.


1 thought on “Hole-in-One Dreamer

  1. So if 16% of “whole in oners” are female then how many golfers are female? One source says
    “There are 5.76 million female golfers, which is 22 percent of all golfers”. So given differences in measuring methods and such, is this about proportional?

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